Bringing that Bollywood flair to Thornhill

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Zeel Shah

Today we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Thornhill Senior Citizen's Club and run an event with the amazing folks there!

Thornhill Senior Citizen's Club is a great place for seniors in Thornhill (or anywhere) that can come and relax at the Dufferin Clark Community Center. They have a wonderful range of activities for their members that includes regular exercise, celebration of member birthdays, yoga, and delicious food! They were truly a treasure to work with. The joy and enthusiasm that they welcomed us with made it an unforgettable experience!

We came in and our talented vice-president, Dr. Sina Parikh, demonstrated a fun exercise-based Bollywood dance routine and I'm fairly confident that we brought out the Bollywood in everyone! It was absolutely fantastic and we can't wait to go back there!

If you're interested in bringing out that Bollywood vixen in you - contact us and we'll set something up!

Stay fit and move those dancing feet!

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