Zeel Shah is a MD-candidate with a passion for humanitarian work and dance. Her leadership skills in volunteer work helped her co-organize the first community health check fair on St. Maarten and lead lectures to raise awareness about gynecological health in India. 

While in medical school, she was able to intimately work with patients in hospitals located in underserved populations all over the United States and Canada. Through her patients, she discovered the urgent need for better exercise resources catered towards the limited mobility and growing aging population.  

Her experience as a dance fitness instructor and having filmed a season of BollyFit on OneTV! provided her with a good foundation to create safe, fun, and dynamic workout routines tailored to people with different mobility levels. 


She decided to combine her two passions- medicine and dance to create an organization that focuses on the exercise needs of a growing aging population as a method to promote improved cardiovascular health and wellness.

Zeel Shah, President and Founder

Dr.  Parikh is a residency candidate who has a strong dedication in improving the lives of others and an avid dancer.  She has grown up with a passion for dancing and participated in several dance events and continues to do so. 


Throughout her career, she has worked alongside children with disabilities that made her aware about the importance of  physical activity. During her rotations in the United States and Canada, she realized that there is a lack of understanding in incorporating physical activity into daily lives for individuals especially those with limitations due to an underlying disease. 


She has an incredible drive to help others and passion for dance. Bollycure is a vision to help those who have limited physical activity and simultaneously promote healthy living.

Dr. Sina Parikh, Vice President